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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Dear friends!

Christmas & New Year are magic holidays our favorite — no one would doubt it! Friendship and happiness, expectation of the miracle before New Year — wonderful festive trees & decorations in the streets, bright lights what we actually refuse to understand is — why there aren't any real decorations — like sugar bones or cutlets wrapped in bright cover on the New Year trees. We should put forward the idea of a dogs' fur-trees to our Mom and Dad, and when they decorate the tree for us, we will be very happy.

And the most important thing is a present under the fur-tree! Who of us has never written letters to Santa Claus? In the evening it is necessarily to open a window (we ask Mom to do this) and then, in the morning, one runs quickly to the tree to check if Santa came When we wake up, we also run to the tree. We have made different wishes and now we hope that Santa will fulfill them. Let this fairy tale come to Your Home too!

And have you noticed how people and dogs change during New Year holidays? Everyone becomes so tender-hearted. Congratulations are heard all around. All dogs wag their tails. And at times even complete strangers find a moment to exchange New Year wishes. Is that not a miracle? Let's carry on this wonderful tradition!

We wish you all fulfillment of your wishes, belief in the best, health and happiness. What else is of greater importance?

Mary, Vava and Fiko (Mom and Dad also join in our congratulations)




On December 15-16 we visited the capital of Lithuania the city of Vilnius. Participated in two largest Lithuanian dog-shows «Vilnius Winter» and «Christmas Cup».

Results were very successfull. Arrived home the whole three Lithuanian Champions. And Mary received her seventh CACIB, and Vava — her first CACIB.

Mother and the Father congratulated us and arranged a small festive dinner with the Lithuanian pies. Deserved!!!

You can see more of our results at our pages in sections Official and Achievements!

Welsh corgi cardigansMom with Mary Welsh corgi cardigansMom with Vava Welsh corgi cardigansMom with Fiko Welsh corgi cardigansFiko




We are back from Croatian capital Zagreb where there were 2 International dog-shows Zagreb Winner!

See our detailed report »

Today, at dog-show in Moscow, Vava completed the title of Champion of Russia!




Today we had barbeque-party to celebrate the opening of our website! The sun was shining, so we asked Dad to make a few pictures! Here we are!

Welsh corgi cardigansAll of us: cardigans, sennenhunds and our Mom! Welsh corgi cardigansVava Welsh corgi cardigansMary Welsh corgi cardigansFiko

And huge thanks to Natalia (Atux) for such a wonderful website about us! We like it very much!!!!




It's Vava again. Today I was busy with my next dog-show. Actually, it was not my day at all, but anyway I received CAC and became Best Bitch! OK, I'm going on.




On the 20th of October, I (Vava) attended my first adult class dog-show! There were 12 corgi cardigans there and I was in very good mood, so I decided to show myself! The judge said that I am amazing girl and gave me 1st place and BOB!
News archive: current news | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012